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I created the Roxycakes Blog as an extension of to show you things I couldn't fit on the main site, yet couldn't bear to keep from you! This section is updated on a weekly basis - so you can keep up with all of the new and exciting developments at Roxycakes. And if you see your cake on this site, let your voice be heard by posting your comments right here and now! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you soon!

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Monthly Archives: October 2008

C’est l’Halloween!

Rosie, Editor of the Cake & Flowers department at Wedding Bells Magazine, emailed me last week asking for a dozen Halloween-inspired cupcakes for the team. I immediately imagined a pumpkin patch of cupcakes! The straw on the box completed the look.

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Joan’s Wedding Cupcakes

For wedding cupcakes, I especially love the look of “bulbed” buttercream. Buttercream swirls are great… but I just find the bulbs so elegant. They also really make the delicate decorations *pop*. Cupcakes are definitely here to stay… And these very modern cupcakes prove it! :) Roxy, I was delighted with the cupcakes you made for […]

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The Bagel Lover

Things never get dull around here! When Sven called looking for a cake shaped just like a poppy seed bagel, complete with cream cheese and lox, I had to laugh. He explained that his friend is a huge fan of bagels, and he couldn’t think of a better cake for his birthday. I rose to […]

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Life imitates art…

I sorted through pictures of this week’s orders and I came upon this one — I really liked these cupcakes, but what caught my eye was the reflection of trees on the cellophane of my packaging. What a neat effect! The green of the trees is so similar to the green hue I used to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

When a dear client called looking for a unique alternative to pumpkin pie for her Thanksgiving dinner, I immediately envisioned a cake sculpted like a real pumpkin. I wanted to give her a cake that doubled as a table centerpiece, and that’s just what she got :) They say you can’t judge a book by […]

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Cake Inspiration

Here’s a question I get very often: “How will I choose my cake design?”. Whether it’s a wedding or anniversary cake, or even a birthday or shower cake, I always suggest looking around you for inspiration. It can be a beautiful painting, an invitation pattern, flowers or fabric used to decorate your venue. Any of […]

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Sweet Shoes

Here’s a yummy pair of shoes I made this week out of sugar paste. If you’ve browsed my portfolio, you might be wondering at this point what sugar paste is! Sugar paste (or gum paste) is a mixture of powdered sugar, egg whites and an edible plant product which makes the paste pliable, sort of […]

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Know What I Mean?

Like many French-Canadians, I’m always expressing myself with my hands. Many people are visual and love to see ideas grow before their eyes, and so am I.That’s what inspired me to put together this box of sample cupcake decorations. I meet with clients and get ideas, pull out the box and start building cupcakes right […]

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The Chocolate Lover

A father’s 80th birthday is something special, and that’s just what Dana was looking for when he called about a cake. I asked him a few questions and quickly found out that his father’s a huge fan of chocolate. So I suggested a cake shaped like a box of chocolates and he loved the idea. […]

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An Artful Cake…

I had so much fun painting this artful wedding cake inspired by a wedding invitation. I painted the surface using a mixture of food coloring and vodka. The alcohol evaporates and the paint dries to a matte finish. I added neat texture to the flowers by piping white outlines, only loosely following the actual outlines […]

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